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Neonfly - Last Of Our Kind (Live from Mexico Tour)

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NEONFLY - Announce tour dates with ESCAPE THE FATE; Release new video for "Last Of Our Kind" off previous studio album available here: https://snd.click/neonfly

UK alternative metallers NEONFLY have announced a string of tour dates supporting Escape The Fate as special guest on the band's upcoming shows across Germany. Tickets are on sale at this location https://www.eventim.de/artist/escape-the-fate/ and the dates are as follows:

NEONFLY w/ Escape The Fate
05.06.23 Berlin – Kesselhaus
06.06.23 Bochum – Matrix
08.06.23 Hamburg – Knust
11.06.23 Hannover – MusikZentrum
12.06.23 Frankfurt – Nachtleben
14.06.23 Köln – Kantine

UK Festivals:
23.06.23 Wildfire Festival, Scotland
19.08.23 Weyfest, England
22.10.23 Derby Alt Fest, England

In addition, to increase the anticipation for the sweaty and intense club shows, NEONFLY have released a brand new live music video for the track "Last of our Kind". The footage for the video was filmed a year ago, during the band's latest tour through Mexico and provides the perfect appetizer for what you can expect at the upcoming shows!

Guitarist & composer Frederick Thunder on the video:
"The video was shot exactly a year ago whilst the band was on tour in Mexico. It was our first tour there, and being Mexican myself, it was an incredible experience to be able to go back to Mexico and perform there live with Neonfly for the first time, after so many years. It was one of the most exciting tours we’ve ever done. We played a few headline shows and a few shows supporting Epica. The fans were absolutely wild and what was incredible was having the chance to perform to very large crowds that had never heard of us before, and seeing how they fell in love with the band as we played our set and were going absolutely wild by the end of the show."

He continues:
"The whole video was shot and edited by my good friend Daniel Zanco, who did a fantastic job, and really captured the excitement and good vibes of those shows. And now that we’re about to hit the road again, this time in Germany, another one of our favourite countries where we have toured so much over the past 10 years, we thought it would be great to release this video with scenes from the road to get everyone pumped up about our upcoming shows supporting the awesome Escape The Fate, which I think will be a great match for us musically, especially with our latest album. We can’t wait to meet them and to make a lot of new friends on the road!"

"Last of our Kind" is taken from the band's latest album "The Future, Tonight" (2021, Noble Demon) and is a hard-hitting song with modern riffs and a contemporary feel, which is also reflected in the lyrics. Vocalist Willy Norton comments: "It's a song about chaos and how chaos is bringing us politically and the democracies to our knees. And how frightening that can be and how that might lead to a terminal decline in the way we live, hence the last of our kind, there's no one left. And the last of our kind of the people who believe in reason, the people who believe in ideas, the people who believe in equality, the people who believe in us holding the line between stupidity, not fun stupidity, but just stupid stupidity, and using our heads to keep the world going."

Music: Thunder – Lyrics: Norton
Video shot, edited and produced by Daniel Zanco
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mr.zanco/
Video filmed in May 2022 on Neonfly’s first tour in Mexico

For more info visit:
https://snd.click/nobledemon (Label discography)



Wasting time trying to beat the system
See the signs spreading like cancer in our minds

Can you not hear the sound?
A billion brains are ticking
Go deeper underground
The streets are panic stricken
Don’t wave we’ve all but drowned
Our last goodbye unwritten
A world turned upside down
The end of days is here

We are the last of our kind
Burnt out and ready to die
No guts and no glory
No part in this story
This is the end of the line

Stolen dreams, everything’s for the taking
Lose the fear let the apocalypse run wild

Swoop in like birds of prey
Our masters cut their losses
New lives to penetrate
With billion-dollar profits
With pride and vanity
They steal the light out of the sun
A new democracy
The end of days is here

Evil days, worship the end of reason
Sealed our fate, see what we are and what they’ve done
No one said, these are the rules by which we die
Close my eyes, can’t bear to see the dying light


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