Rahway - Carry You

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Artist: Rahway
Song: Carry You
Year: 2023

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Recorded at Sonic Stomp Studios in Staten Island, NY
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Mike Orlando at Sonic Stomp Studios

Official Website: www.RahwayBand.com
Management: Arc Angel Entertainment
Official Website: www.ArcAngelEntertainment.net
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Carry You - Lyrics

You lie you cheat u steal they win
You cry too hard u don't get it again
It's not too hard that u never can
So gather all the pieces

I carried you when you're down so you should be full
I carried you when you're broke cuz it's all you know
I carried you through the hell that burnt my soul

You’re gonna carry me?
And all my sympathies
You’re gonna carry me?
How bout I carry you

Listen up let's be fair I was there for you
All the whining in the world won't convey the truth.
Pucker up don't be shy I will carry you.
And all you’re signs of weakness.

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