Signum Regis - Daniels Prophecy

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Official lyric video for Daniels Prophecy, the second single from the new Signum Regis album "Undivided". The album will be released on November 17th via Ulterium Records on CD, limited vinyl and digital."Daniel's Prophecy" is available on all digital platforms.Pre-order "Undivided" here:Ulterium Store: http://ulteriumstore.comBandcamp: Signum Regis store: US: DE: Music: Head: Japan: video created by Jota FortinhoDaniel's Prophecy(Music and lyrics: Ronnie König)Terrified by dreams, I cannot fall asleepMy magicians and sorcerers, all come to me!Wise men oh tell me the dream I had Explain it to me or I will make you regretThe day you were bornI will cut you downBurn all your housesAnd I will not mournPraise the Lord for he have made known to meWhat we asked about the dream of the kingHe reveals hidden things that we cannot seeOr what lies in darkness because light dwells with himAs your majesty was lying thereYour mind saw the future that's not far aheadThere was a statue where you stoodThe head was golden, but feet were partly of clayWhile you were there watchingA rock was cut outIt struck the statueAnd made it fall downSignum Regis onlineWebsite: http://www.signum-regis.comFacebook: Records onlineWebsite: http://www.ulterium-records.comFacebook:

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