The Cruel Intentions - Reapercussion

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The Cruel Intentions are dangerously skilled and always out to have a great time!
A taste of fresh and greasy air, in a music scene where rock has grown to be more about melodramatic nostalgia than good vibes and great times.

The band have seen a massive growth after three of their songs was featured in the Peacemaker HBO series. Feb. 15th they released their first single "Sunrise Over Sunset" from their upcoming album. Reapercussion is the second single out, and is yet another party banger!

The Cruel Intentions comment:
“"Reapercussion" is a modern “hard rocker” deeply rooted in classic metal and rock'n’roll!
Every action has a reaction. Reapercussion is about facing your demons and do what you believe in.”

Directed by Max Ljungberg
Edited by Max Ljungberg
Instagram: Maxljungberg

Light design by Dennis Åhman

Special thanks to Hardcore Superstar for wall of amps.

All music written & recorded by The Cruel Intentions
Produced by Erik Mårtensson.

Lyrics Reapercussion:

when you drink, when you smoke
when you scream, when you cu cu curse
Gotta lie, gettin’ high
Gotta fight ‘til it hurts

sick of everyone
the payback has begun
I shed my second skin
I scream within

songs from the dead
oh oh oh oh
playin in my head
oh oh oh oh
I wanna kick it
but it’s kicking in strong
songs from the dead
oh oh oh oh
playin in my head
oh oh oh oh
evil melodies keep pushing me
for retaliation

when you hit like a brick
when you’re crack til you burst
Gotta kick ‘til you’re sick
Gotta smile in reverse

echo In my mind
of chaos left behind
the melodies within
they’re kickin in

when the light goes out

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