TrollfesT - Happy Little Boozer

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Available on "20 Years in The Wrong Lane", get it here:

TROLLFEST on "Happy Little Boozer"
We just hijacked Korpiklaani's "Happy Little Boozer" with our manic energy and extreme metal madness. We cranked up the intensity, added insane flute solos, and turned it into a beer-kicking, jump-around anthem. It's perfect for folk metal fanatics, blast beat lovers, and anyone ready to party like crazy! ๐Ÿป๐Ÿค˜

Previously unreleased B-track from โ€Flamingo Overlordโ€, now available on the 20 years anniversary album "20 Years in The Wrong Lane". Released as picture disc vinyl in 2023.


#korpiklaani #trollfest #folkmetal #trolls #happylittleboozer #forrest #balkanmetal #anniversary #korpifest

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