Uragh - Monarch

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Uragh - Monarch

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Mixed and mastered by JSR Audio (https://jsraudio.com/)
Single artwork by Josh Hodgkins (https://www.instagram.com/littlehodgieart)
Video by Uragh

Sitting oh so revolt 
Perched on the throne of bones 
Eyes as wide as the district 
Crowned by horns

Come one 
And come all 
And bear witness
The mass disgrace

Come and take a wander through 
All the rubble remains 
It kind of makes you wonder 
If things will ever start to take shape 
From the view of the Baroness and her associates  
They never see no wrong
With so many heads pleading with the throne 
It’s gone on for so long    

Let the rats 
Fight amongst themselves 
After dropping scraps 
Down into their deep well 
Cower and linger 
Confined to space 
Referred to as pests 
Bowing down to her grace 

Step down from that high horse 
And let’s settle the score 
Ruling, conducted, by her distaste 
Bear witness to the mass disgrace 

Bear witness to
The mass disgrace 

The Judge 
The Jury 
The Executioner

Guilt never truly lands 
On shoulders with such heavy burdens 
How can so many lives
Rest in the palm of her hand

By order of her majesty
You are always found guilty until proven innocent 
On all counts and charges
Against the throne 

Unaware of order
The district will prevail

Crown me King

Unaware of Order
The district will prevail

Have we become so fucking blind 
Are we supposed to just fall in line 
Accepting the state of your closed state of mind 

Are we supposed to just fall in line?
Accepting the state of your closed state of mind

Are we supposed to just fall in line?

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