WEAPON - Embers and Revelations

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Weapon - "Embers and Revelations" from 'Embers and Revelations'
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Director: Dan Wilberg

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Take (it) as a matter of faith
the Lord labors in obscurity.
His schema, a wraithlike revelation,
like embers pining incineration.

Pandemic! His lava invades our veins,
chastising clay-born predilection.
Throne of disorder; in sulfur diadem,
(our) Lord breathes on embers, grants revelations.

Embers and revelations...

And thus we fall through the magnum void;
unchained and reckless, where no life dwells.
Earthly-coil dissolved, transference -
no return from the Dragon's crypt.
Rejuvenation, resurrection,
Reverberation: Praise the Lord!
Praise His kingdom!
A mordant inferno: forever revealing, undying embers.

[lead: R.S.]

Behold -- Age of Fire!
Praise -- lawless desire!
Distort -- those who resist!
Hail -- The King of all Kings!

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