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Father/Daughter Vocalists in Metal Band, SEERD reached #14 on Muzicswipe's Top 100 8/9/23.
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Love and Enemy by SEERD debuted at #22 on the US Radio Metal Contraband Top 50 Most Played chart on 7/3/2023 and jumped to #13 the following week.

It was the #3 most added song to metal radio in the country on the Metal Contraband Top 10 Most Added chart on 6/27/23.

It was also the #2 most added song in the country on the NACC's “Heavy” Top 5 Most Added chart on 6/27/23.

SEERD’s debut single, I WON'T COMPLY, reached #19 in the country on the US Radio, Metal Contraband Top 50 most played chart in March 2023.

SEERD is currently working on an album to be put out by January 1st, 2024.

SEERD online:
Merch: https://anchormerchandising.com/?s=Seerd
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seerd_official/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profi....le.php?id=1000871191
SEERD music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, i tunesand almost all digital distribution apps. https://seerd.hearnow.com/

Vocalist Kayla Shamlin explains "I came up with the idea for 'Love and Enemy' with one person in mind. This song is about a toxic friendship that I was in for most of my life. This friendship was filled with guilt, invalidation, ultimatums, and so much more. However, I thought this is what friendships were supposed to be like. This person created a false paradise that I lived in for years. I never thought about leaving because that was my person. I loved them so much. They were who I spent all my time with, even though it hurt me. It took me leaving, which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, to realize, “This isn’t what friendships are supposed to be like.” I suffered a lot emotionally afterwards. I learned so many things that this friendship took away from me. The lyrics, “I start to panic thinking about you,” is a true statement. Just thinking about them or seeing them standing in the same restaurant, store, or even my work, sent me into awful panic attacks. Every time I saw them, it felt like I was frozen. I dealt with that for years. Writing this song has given me a type of closure I wouldn't have gotten from them. The end of this song is everything I've wanted to say to them. For years I wanted it back. My sanity, my power, the ability to breathe freely without the fear of being dismissed. This is me taking my power back. The beauty of this song is that it can be used in any scenario. A toxic relationship with a partner, an addiction you can't get rid of, those awful thoughts in your head. This gave me the ability to live freely and hopefully, it will give you some hope for you to do the same."

Kayla Shamlin - Vocals - is an avid metal fan. She grew up in the music industry due to her close relationship with her father. She now gets her first chance at a taste of the stage.

Curtis Shamlin - Vocals - blasted on to the metal scene at the end of the last millennium as the frontman for GRYP (Walden Media/ W Records, Metro One Records). Then again in 2002 with Rock/Metal band Speakers for the Dead (Magna Carta Records). He is also a former middle school principal, former elementary school principal, and former high school VP.

Robert Gonzalez - Guitars - has an extensive music career playing in many bands including Mynis, The Next Page, GRYP, Fusion Porn and several more. Robert and Curtis became friends when Robert helped to record and produce Speakers for the Dead’s demo. Robert’s band Mynis and Speakers for the Dead toured the northwest together.

Mher Ekezian - DJ and Sounds - came from the EDM scene where he performs as Mike EFEX (Coldharbour Recordings) and is known in the EDM industry worldwide.

Brandon Smart - Bass - played his first show ever when he was a kid with none other than our guitarist, Robert Gonzalez and later went on to create The Fusion Porn together. He has played bass on numerous albums and has performed live with many artists from Trey Tosh to Jessie Farnsworth of Newsted.

Andy Johnson - Drums - Andy is a long-time friend of Curtis and Robert's and is a former member of GRYP.

Booking and Management - fleshandbloodrecords@gmail.com

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