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Official music video for "HissThroughRottenTeeth" from Melbourne based melodic blackened deathcore outfit @melancolia_exe. Debut album, HissThroughRottenTeeth, out now via Greyscale Records (AUS/NZ) and Nuclear Blast Records (Rest of World). Listen & order at: https://geni.us/HissThroughRottenTeeth

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Engineered by Declan White
Produced by Mélancolia and Declan White
Mixed and Mastered by Declan White

Directed/DOP/Editing - Karl Steller
Concept - Alex Hill and Karl Steller
BTS Photo/Video- Jackson Webster


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Mélancolia "HissThroughRottenTeeth" Lyrics

Lower, (lower) lower than south
(Than south)
Lower than hell

Follow humanity to the casket
Fill the grave with tepid soil
Reflections gleam in gaze with a glancing spade
Poison stains the wells of waters
Gutters filled, the limp slumped over
Puncture our veins [until we’re leaking grief]
I’m no longer masquerading, I feel alive

More human without heart, I grin as my soul departs

Circling the red stained porcelain
With a stomach full of serpents eager to feed
they hiss through rotten teeth

Arms met across a muted chest
Bereft of life
Bereft of life with pennies placed upon our eyes

Lower than south
Lower than hell


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