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Who doesn't like horror movies and heavy metal music
As I May combines horror and metalcore and end of that there is horrorcore
Who doesn't scare clowns and abandoned houses with dark past
Don't be afraid. Come on watch this if you dare. We ain't coming to your dreams

As I May "Finlands horror squad"

Produced: Lasse Hiltunen
Mixed: Christoph Wieczorek at Sawdust Recordings
Mastered: Christoph Wieczorek at Sawdust Recordings


Is your heart beating slower and slower. Can't catch any breath ?
Where is our God

It`s your master and you are the slave
Sitting home and out of the shape
I`am your own creation, a real masterpiece.
Why would you ever want to leave

Play with me, play with me

It makes my stomach feel sick
Set me free
So my heart can be relieved

Right time is now
And why the voices, so loud
Can we say goodbye
Before i pull this knife through my heart
With hand over my heart
You will know me, by my art
Its last chance before i'm long gone
I will burn down this house

You`re shaking
You're praying
No words come out of my mouth
You`re shaking
You're Suffering
Burn down the house

Whenever you`re around people
You`re surround by pins and needles
Pacing around like a ghost
Completely zoned out and lost

Ouh are you ready for this one!
I got you something good, a real good

Is this your last night?
Is this your last breath?
So this thing lefts you a home
Stops you from living