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Produced and Engineered by: Chris Collier
Written by: Jerry Cantrell/Alice In Chains
Performed by: Lockjaw
Recorded at: Woodlake Studios
Mixed and Mastered: CMC Productions- Chris Collier

Directed by: Justin Paul
Produced by: Jeff Ogle
Video shot by: Jeremy Peterson

Words from the band:

Jeff Ogle:
Alice In Chains was always one of my favorite bands, especially from the Pacific Northwest. That scene was so huge in the 90s, and so many great bands came from there. Out of all the bands in the Seattle scene, I think AIC was my favorite. In fact, when I was about 13, I got my first CD player in my room, and my grandad took me to the pawn shop one day and my very first CD was "Jar of Flies". I wore that thing out, every song was just amazing to me.

The reason I think I pushed so hard with the guys to do AIC as our first cover, and "Them Bones" in particular, was it was just the heaviest grungy song ever. The lyrics and overall vibe of the song was just very fitting for our style of metal/rock. When we recorded our album Relentless, we found we were doing a ton of back up harmony vocals, and as it was happening in the studio, I just kept thinking of Layne and Jerry, and how amazing their vocals were together, so I wanted to tap into that vibe or spirit when we were recording. Needless to say, Relentless ended up being something we are all very proud off, and now we wanted to pay tribute to one of the bands that was very inspirational to us. We are all fans, every member has their own favorite group or inspiration, but bottom line, this band loves to be at all the shows, fists in air, and loving the music. We hope you feel the same way we did about our cover and tribute to Alice In Chains.

Jeff - Guitar

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