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Black Absinthe - On Earth Or In Hell

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Out now, the latest single "On Earth or In Hell" from Black Absinthe:

"The largest, loudest expression from our upcoming album, ‘On Earth Or in Hell’, sets a more serious tone, casting the good time party anthems aside for this release and title track of our upcoming album. Our blend of thrash and N.W.O.B.H.M. came together for this song. A distinct black and death metal twin vocal attack, of Jack Cerre (lead vocals / guitar) and Fernando Villalobos (drums / vocals) drive the aggressive melody.

The video portrays us in a fiery hellscape, thrashing and screaming, with the intensity of the flames matching the ferocity of the song and the impending fate of the damned. The collaboration with the video’s director, ‘Michael Jari Davidson’ (Alice in Chains, Escuela Grind, Wake) came from Davidson attending one of our live shows and him wanting to capture the chaotic energy. His visionary work brought the song to life and the video is a reflection of our progressing intensity, and fury.

The riff-fuelled offering, "On Earth or In Hell", condemns the lies and denial of our nation’s genocidal past. Sonic rage and disgust fuel the track’s fire with hope that the crimes of church and country are never forgotten.”

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/blackabsintheto
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/blackabsintheband
Bandcamp: http://blackabsinthe.bandcamp.com
Spotify: https://bit.ly/3PCBzaC
Website: http://www.blackabsinthe.com

Directed by: Michael Jari Davidson

Performed/Written by: Black Absinthe
Produced by: J.C. Sandoval
Co-Produced by: Tyler Williams
Mixed by: Tyler Williams (Monolithic Productions)
Mastered by: Lasse Lammert (LSD Studios)

Black Absinthe is:
Jack Cerre - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Kyle Scarlett - Bass
Fernando Villalobos - Drums/Vocals

Taken from everything they knew and taken to
Strange territory and cruelty
Horrific conditions atrocity hidden away from our history
It’s hard to believe
The evidence unearthed for all us to see
But we can’t deny the loss of their lives
Back in 1870 to well past 1995


Those behind this
Tragic story
Will be punished
One way or the other
They will pay for
All the suffering
They inflicted
Be it on Earth or in Hell or both

Here and now new graves are discovered everyday
Underneath institutions of pain
Buried when life has been stripped away
Left and forgotten until today
I can’t comprehend the reasons to put all those lives to an end
In the ways they did with malicious intent
Torture and rape used as regular consequence


Recognize, remember every 30th of September

We reflect in solemn fashion we pay respect to all the victims of their neglect
Despicable actions a culture wrecked we can’t forgive and we won’t forget
I still can’t believe this took place for over a century
And the shame the guilt for the blood that was spilt goddamn the motherfucking government who passed the bill

Those behind this
Tragic story
Will be punished
One way or the other
They will pay for
All the suffering
They inflicted
Be it on Earth or in Hell or both

Single Released September 28, 2023

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