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'Time Well' is out now on CD/2xLP/Digital
Order via Relapse Records Here: http://bit.ly/CloakroomTW
Subscribe to Relapse Records Channel: http://youtube.com/relapserecords

Video by Cloakroom
8mm footage shot by Steve Markos and Bruce Monkman

Order on Bandcamp: http://cloakroom.bandcamp.com
Order on iTunes: http://geni.us/CloakroomiT
Order on Amazon: http://geni.us/CloakroomAMZ
Order on Google Play: http://geni.us/CloakroomGP

Inspired by the harsh, rural landscapes of Indiana which they call home, CLOAKROOM drift through a range of emotions and styles on their sophomore full-length Time Well. Fuzzy and depressive. Expressive and expansive. An amalgam of doomy stoner rock, psychedelic shoegaze and moody, pop-influenced, sonic abrasion, Time Well is 10 songs and 60+ minutes of crunchy, guitar-driven atmosphere and downbeat rhythms layered atop deceptively sweet and tranquil melodies. At times crushingly heavy, others gorgeously contemplative, CLOAKROOM write music with purpose and intent; to dissolve from this world into an infinite blur.

Official Links:

Cloakroom on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloakroomisaband/
Cloakroom on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Myndfuneral
Cloakroom on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cloakroomisafuckinband/



There's got to be a pressure point
Someone else can hold
I've got this ache between my temples
Maybe it’s my inner-eye dusting off its lens
Maybe it's that fight-or-flight acting up again
Take me outside, show me what I've been missin'
People never fail to entertain my sour disposition
Greater in thought, lesser in shape
Aeon of a child, sickness of the age
Over the ridge the circle completes
Around you and around me
There's got to be some kind of way to counteract the pull
Like a medium moves between two worlds
Yet I know there is only one plane I'm wanderin'
There is only but one way for my wheels to spin
I've been dreaming in a broken bed
Pulling off a tail that'll grow again
Becoming convinced our cold blood
Needs a little pain, needs a little sun
Nourished by the sun, nothing’s going to change
Shedding old skin, growing new fangs
Put me in a tomb, send me into space
In a little tank to disintegrate
I'll disintegrate brighter than most
Over the ridge on your way home
On your way home, tuning out the noise
Aeon of a child, sickness of the age

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