CLOAKROOM - Seedless Star

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Cloakroom - "Seedless Star" (Official Music Video)
Out now on CD/2xLP/Digital via Relapse Records
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Directed & Edited by Alex Henery

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Inspired by the harsh, rural landscapes of Indiana which they call home, CLOAKROOM drift through a range of emotions and styles on their sophomore full-length Time Well. Fuzzy and depressive. Expressive and expansive. An amalgam of doomy stoner rock, psychedelic shoegaze and moody, pop-influenced, sonic abrasion, Time Well is 10 songs and 60+ minutes of crunchy, guitar-driven atmosphere and downbeat rhythms layered atop deceptively sweet and tranquil melodies. At times crushingly heavy, others gorgeously contemplative, CLOAKROOM write music with purpose and intent; to dissolve from this world into an infinite blur.

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You know the line
Slivers of heaven
Hanging in the breeze like a guillotine
Starved for attention
Nothing would materialize no spell, no solstice
Either behind bars or you’re tending to the blast furnace
I would never relieve the pressure even if I could
Keeps the senses razor sharp,
And does the body good
“You'll be living off candlelight”
Said the main circuit
And the labored pangs of the acid rain
Kept me stirring
I would never relieve the pressure even if I tried
Lost dogs, leap years, all idling by
I was staring through a dull lens
Looking for the edge of the frame
I can't see it following a disillusion
Right up to the end of the page
Takes the drive right out of me
Always tying up a loose end
Waiting for the trumpets to call,
I can't hear ‘em
I was dreaming about cold fusion
Listening to the conditioned air
Picking up what's barely there

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