HOODED MENACE - Crumbling Insanity

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HOODED MENACE - "Crumbling Insanity" taken from 'Effigies of Evil'

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Directed by Justin Oakey
Produced by Adam Reynolds
Production design by Amanda Row

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Shrieks of insanity fill cryptic halls
Warped vision inside a demented brain
Barbaric atrocites of the insane

Cursed bloodlines succumb to madness
Usher blood tainted with evil
Decaying mind obsessed with fear
The hour of doom is drawing near

House of the damned
House of the cursed
"If the house dies, I shall die with it"

Behind decrepit walls is where you dwell
Held like a prisoner in a living hell
Strange afflictions, plagued by torment
Cracks in the stone where souls lie dormant

Bizarre insanity, a twisted soul
Tortured existence in a festering hole
Entombed in the crypt, sealing your fate
Buried alive, you must now escape

Impending death consuming your thoughts
Surrounded by misery as your mind rots
Crumbling insanity, crumbling stones
House lies shattered like a pile of bones

House of the damned
House of the cursed
"If the house dies, I shall die with it"

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