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Lesbian Bed Death - Horrors Of The Crown Hotel

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Metal Video
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Directed and produced by Evelyn Wolf & Dan Peach
Additional production by Jacqui Dunn
Director of Photography: Ben Thompson
First Camera Assistant: Elliot Wallis

The band:
JJ – Vocals
Dan Peach – Rhythm Guitar
Leisl Heath - Bass
Aimee Violet – Drums
(Lead guitar on studio recording by Steve Lethal)

Actors: Alan Ratcliffe (Butler), Charlie White (Woman in bath [Young]), Val Booth (Woman in bath [Older]), Esme and Isabella Shenton (Twins), Dan Tobias Lewis-Dayle (Dog), Richard Walton (Dog handler), Rachel Rouge & Myles Dartford (Dancing couple).

Lead Hair Makeup and SFX: JaqD SFX
Assistant Hair Makeup and SFX: Emily Rogers, Katie Parker & Casey Kingsley
Twins Costume and Hair: Jasmine Rowlands
Running: Philip Kempson
Thanks to: Catherine Booth, Moorville Hall and UCEN Manchester

Dan Peach’s custom Baphomet guitar by Chris Baxter at Whispersmith Guitars https://www.whispersmith.co.uk/

Lesbian Bed Death management & booking enquiries: evelynwolfmusic@gmail.com



Let me tell you a story about The Crown Hotel
A seedy hovel and a gateway to hell
Blood-splattered walls and chandeliers
Countless people have died in here

Tortured spirits in the bricks and mortar
Visitors are lambs to the slaughter
Another felon, another transgression
At least the bar's open 24/7

A honeymoon suite with an infestation
This is Roachville Baby, your nightmare vacation

Listen hard and listen well
It's a place where the wicked dwell
The horrors of The Crown Hotel
Blood-stained walls, a cadaver smell
Departed guests, they never tell
Know them once, know them well
The horrors of The Crown Hotel

Serial killers planning their attack
Ladies of the night smoking crack
A satanic cult sacrificing cats
No-one checks out with their soul intact

Kidnapped kids chopped up the cellar
A chained up gimp for sordid pleasure
Contaminated drinks, a blow to the head
Most of the guests are already dead

Curb crawlers by the station
This is Roachville Baby, your nightmare vacation

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