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MURDER CONSTRUCT - Compelled by Mediocrity (Lyric Video)

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MURDER CONSTRUCT - "Compelled by Mediocrity" official lyric video taken from the album 'Results'
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Here... we... are
you finally made it! Into this world custom tailored to fit
The dies have been matched, the molds have been cast
now sit your ass down here's how it is, we've taken control of "the biz"
we dictate every which way you go, what life holds for you today
No where, what or how - you were born with a silver MacBook Pro in your mouth
Whilst you're on top of the world, mommy and daddy still have their doubts...
We.... hate you kids
for what you did
or tried to do you should be killed
and your blood spilled
your cookie cutting, your imagery means nothing
behind your 9-string, musically bluffing
Here comes your breakdown, king with a fake crown
governing shit town,
and making shit sounds
on a shit label with shit intentions
we must demolish this fucking turd you polished.
Born to SUCK.
Born to regurgitate other idiots mistakes
Bred to be the same
Bred for lame
You finally did it! From the garage to the stage in 20 minutes
Your persistence paid off, pointing and clicking makes life so enriching
The future, the way, what's that that they say? An idiot is born every minute of every day

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