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Obsidian Tongue - The Stone Heart

23 Views· 12/21/23
Metal Video
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Official video for the title track from "The Stone Heart EP" to be released 2/2/2024
Featuring guest vocals by Tanner Anderson (Obsequiae, Majesties)

Mixed by Dave Kaminsky at Studio Wormwood, Asheville NC
Mastered by Ryan Williams at Augmented Audio

Video by Chariot of Black Moth

Band logo by Moonroot Artworks

The heart of our - reality - is a great cave
An underground - chapel to which - the gods have fled
Where ghost and stone - pulsate as one - under the din
Of a soulless realm - whose numina have fled as well
Leaving only - God of reason - to rule mankind

Another storm deflected
begrudgingly suspended
our protective web
out from the stone heart and through the axis Mundi
In weakness The only offering they have left
Who has failed whom in this world?
And why was I born in it?

Cross the starlit dunes
Ignominious voyager
Rescind the laws of the past
To obey the call
Your fury will light the path
In the stars above
And he who shackles your kind will watch powerless
As you dissolve your chains and plunge into the dark
Great chthonic pool will break your fall
For true courage shapes nature
and the gods await

Humid echoes circling me
aching eyes ache deeper still
archways of the feretory
one by one their shadows fill
Titulary vapors close in
A ring of sullen mirrored eyes
Some show guilt and some stay frozen
As their gaze begins to rise


And above me sprawls a spectral scrolling vision
An eclipse and earth sleeping through its occision
Failed gods forging a facade
And though all souls escaped
Their pity and disgrace
Suspend the dream…

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