Royal Thunder - The Knife

39 Views· 09/23/23
Metal Video
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‘The Knife’ from the new album Rebuilding The Mountain
Purchase: Watch the sun pierce through the lace Clock hands spinning turn to waste It's not my turn to go I'm falling for the pain that lives in your eyes So please don’t look my way Wake up maybe you should look at yourself You got your neck pressed up to the knife Oh step back baby get a hold of yourself Your reflection is blocking the light When I wake up and take a look at myself I press my neck straight into the knife This blood bath is filling and I promise myself I will do better and I think it's time Well I woke up and took a look at myself With my neck pressed up to the knife And I stepped back and said to myself I need you to fight I'm falling for he hope that lives in your eyes You don’t need me anymore Now it's my turn to goFollow:FB: by Justin Reich#royalthunder

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