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Scheitan - Lost In Time (Gothic Rock)

10 Views· 09/21/23
Metal Video
In Rock


Photography: Artgrid.io
Studio photography: Andreas Fernandez

"Lost in Time" is the first Scheitan track since the release of 1999´s "Nemesis" album on Century Media Records.

Music & lyrics: Pierre Törnkvist


Heaven’s burning
I can see the flames reach higher
I´ve been turning down the things I have desired
Now the world is gone, forever lost in time
Night is closing in, I’m walking down the line

The siren’ s coming closer
I´m left with vast emotions
We´re leaving now for higher ground

Streams of blood keep flowing
Darkness ever growing
Dying like a flower of the sun

Can you see them?
Foreign ghosts who play with fire
They’ve been burning down freedom in a pyre
So remember now, tomorrow and all time
Night came closing in, died here down the line

The siren’s coming closer
Drowning in this ocean
Dying eyes will never see the sun

A broken heart not knowing
Tears are ever flowing
Tell them now, we are forever gone

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