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Sunmancer - Chasm Darkly (Official Music Video)

10 Views· 05/03/24
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Directed by Justin West
Editor: Justin West
Talent: Morgan McHugh, Jim Graham

'Chasm Darkly' lyrics
Copy disconnect of moments future past. Looming former station shifts to resort last. Seasons to overcome. Enduring harmony. Impending echoes to no excuse. Abbreviating wits end. Weary sifts through what could’ve been. For repeat to haunt me. As the grey colors toward a darker shade, my signal obfuscates to fade away. Along the chasm of austerity, each lethargic sequence recreates in the name of temporary. Encapsulate my mental faculties with what pains me for another day. I’m too busy overwhelming my sense of urgency to show I care. I’ll just rest my eyes. I’ve held this dark for the better part of what made me worse. Wavering static keep me warm.

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