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The Lonely Ones - Flash / The Hero (Queen Cover)

53 Views· 12/01/23
Metal Video
In Rock

The Lonely Ones cover of Flash and The Hero by one of our favorite bands - Queen.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/7LO9DGtrr5LrhQEbhR

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/art....ist/the-lonely-ones/

Shot & Edited by Island Road Media

Engineered at Sweetwater Studios & Sonic Lounge Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Joe Viers at Sonic Lounge Studios

Special Thanks to :
Shaun McCoy
Mike, Shawn, Krystal, Bobby and everyone at Sweetwater
Tiera Suggs
Keith Williams
Dave, Alex & Fawn
Carli Foxx
Cassi Ebright
Ronni Hunter
John Payne
Mike Hodges
Shauna O'Donnell
Alex Gilbert
Dan The Man
Janet Armbrust
Ronny Armstead
Tonya Armstead
Erin Barger
Olivia Barger
Will Barger
Ralph Bennet
Kaitlyn Bragg
Big Mike’s Little Doughnuts
Jeremy Couchenour
Eddie Davis
Ayden Davis
James Dozier
Ashley Dunn
Brandon Edwards
Sara Koch
Dennis Erickson
Krysti Farnam
Nolan Farnam
Quinn Farnam
Keaton Farnam
Angela Flynn
David Gawarskey
Vince Gawaresky
Brady Gawaresky
Michael Hall
Laura Howard
Darrin Johnson
Sharon Johnson
Chris Lacrosse
Mike Laird
Gretchen Lancaster
Caden Lancaster
Kimberly LeMaster
Joe Lukso
Rob Mason
Bobby McElveny
James Muller
Crystal Muller
Alex Muller
Dalton O’Brien
Lorrie O’Connor
Christina Penotte
Phil Perkins
Lauren Perry
Emma Perry
Mary Peters
Alicia Quaife
Mark Quaife
Michael Quaife
Steven Quaife
Angel Rea
Robert Rivera
Mikey Sims
Mathew Smith
Katie Summers
Raymond Swigart
Jennifer Teague
Nicholas Thiry

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