The Other LA - I'm Not Broken

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I'm Not Broken - Live performance video. @TheOtherLA

I’m Not Broken is an over-the-top expression of triumph despite being born different. It’s about not accepting labels that society including teacher, friends, enemies, family or anyone would put on you. I’m Not Broken is the break-out song of Aria (lead singer of The Other LA) coming into her own accepting her Asperger’s and not just accepting but embracing it as a gift. The opening chorus is a gang style vocal of the many voices that compete in Aria’s head. The song sways back and forth from verses quietly rebuking the outside haters to the choruses slamming rejection of societies labels.

“I’m not Broken” epitomizing the attitude of sometimes "life just sucks" and you can either sink or swim above the sharks.  The Other LA decided on the latter.


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