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WESTON SUPER MAIM – Autistic Kill Trance (feat. Blindfolded and Led to the Woods)

9 Views· 02/18/24
Metal Video

WESTON SUPER MAIM – Autistic Kill Trance feat. @balttw | Official video

Get it on vinyl / CD ► https://westonsupermaim.bandcamp.com

Taken from the debut album 'See You Tomorrow Baby', out 15 March 2024.

Streaming ► https://linktr.ee/westonsupermaim
Merch ► https://westonsupermaim.bigcartel.com

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Art: joypolloi (https://www.instagram.com/joypolloi)
Video: @riivatavisuals9680
Mix + master: Tom Stevens

Someone bludgeon the fuck out of me!

Crush my hands on dead innocence
I’m not hearing you speak

This wasn't for a reason
And don't you say "God"
I'll shit in your mouth
And tear out your tongue

In my gall, in my trance, I kill all
In my gall, in my trance, from now on

I don't believe in reality, I am here
On the spectrum of glistening self-destruction
Autistic sensory of rage
I am depleting you
Blinded from your blood

A plethora of curses upon you

Your name in vein
Spills the same as the blood from your throat
There is no ecstasy in your suffering
For I feel nothing

Human offal understands me like no other
Wearing your skin like an embrace from a brother

I only ever wanted to believe you'd listen
Now I sit alone chewing on your ear like gristle
The amount of organs exposed is so absurd
Ingesting your tongue so I control your words

Fertilizer for the worms
A chance at reincarnation
When a tree grows
I take pleasure
In its immolation

There is no ecstasy in your suffering
For I feel nothing

Digging through sinew
This is the climax
I escape into
The ultra-pure
Reaching for
Ultimate mystery
Ultimate pain

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