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Alkaloid - The Cambrian Explosion (Lyric Video)

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Enter the groovy, ruinous world of "The Cambrian Explosion", the second single off Alkaloid's upcoming album 'Numen'.

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Morean - guitars, vocals
Christian Münzner - guitars
Linus Klausenitzer - bass
Hannes Grossmann - drums

Recording Studio: Mordor Sounds, Nürnberg, Germany.

Producer: Hannes Grossmann & Alkaloid.

Recording & mixing: Hannes Grossmann

Mastering: Alan Douches at West West Side Music studio in Hudson Valley, NY.

Former Alkaloid guitarist Danny Tunker contributed to "The Cambrian Explosion"

The images for the music video were created in Midjourney.

Toxic horizons
Pestilent holes
Mountains rain from the sky

Earth starts to freeze
Equator to poles
Nothing to do here but die

Choking themselves to extinction
Decaying to sulfurous slime

Purple, the seas
Stagnant, they lie
Reduced to hell without time

Until from the poisonous ooze
Two chemical archangels climb
The Gemini
Of collagen and oxygen

Microbes cluster together
Echo themselves toward the sun
Quietly emerge from the nether

Zombified eons expire
Ancient mycelium stirs
Awakens a stygian choir

Solo - Morean

Pulsating stenches
Soar from the trenches
Congregate, never to sever

Membranes unite
Excrete and divide
Transforming the planet forever

Third time’s the charm
And a paradigm plunges
Brought to its knees
By molds, fungi and sponges

And then something else
Propels the cells
Away from death’s erosion
The Cambrian Explosion

Shocked from slumber
Sways and lumbers
A reborn evolution
The wheel of hunger
Looms humongous
An unborn revolution

And one more time
In the slime
Cell walls groove
Things start to move

Red algae first
Then some worms
In the muck
Things start to fuck

One more tooth
Mouths that thirst
Drawn by light
Things start to bite

One more limb
One more eye
Claws that pry
Things start to die

One more spine
Things start to run

The ocean bursts
The hunt is on

Solo - Hannes

An eon awakes
Fueled by a trillion demises
Ruin awaits
Looms in a million disguises

Predators start to crave more
Multiply as if possessed
To mutate to more lustrous shores

Magnified monsters aspire
Newborn spectacles stun
Exultant on wings of immortal desire

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