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Capra - Human Commodity (feat. Candace Puopolo)

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Metal Video

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Tyler Harper (guitar) comments: "We are so honored to have worked with Candace Puopolo on this track. I grew up listening to Walls of Jericho and they were always a major influence on my music. To have a legend involved with what we're doing is such a rad feeling."

Tracking in Estuary Recording Studios in Austin, Texas, with Andrew Hernandez, Errors was mixed by Taylor Young and mastered by Brad Boatright, the latter two having worked on In Transmission (2021). Guitarist Tyler Harper comments, "I knew that I wanted it to pick up where the first album left off, but that it needed to have an entirely new attitude. If you listen to the last song from 'In Transmission' into the first song on 'Errors', it's a continuation. From there the album steers off into a direction that still feels similar but is new." Coming primarily from a hardcore background, giving listeners a sense of nostalgia for the sounds of the late 90's and early 2000's hardcore and punk scenes, but also incorporating elements of metal that complement the overall tone, everything the band does on Errors resonates with emotion; nothing is forced.

For collaborations, Capra recruited Walls Of Jericho vocalist Candace Puopolo to add her inimitable tones to "Human Commodity," while their friend Dustin Coffman from Glassing added backing vocals to a handful of tracks. Producer Hernandez also added some piano to "Nora," which closes out the album in a very different manner than anything they've previously explored. In a complete juxtaposition to the tracks that precede it, "Nora" is atmospheric and lithe, delicate and haunting. "I've always wanted to show a prettier/lighter side to this band where it's not always aggressive," says Harper. "Life is a rollercoaster and sometimes you need to throw some pretty piano into it." Since Capra's inception, Harper has always envisaged each album being a continuation of the last, and then breaking it off into its own journey, seeing "Nora" as "a fun way to start album three!"

Until then, the band will tour like the road warriors they have become, bringing Errors to North America and overseas (see below for all upcoming dates). Capra are eager to bond with fans new and old. Lotus explains that crucial connection: "Care about us because we care about you. And because we are a part of creating something our community can be proud of."

Crow Lotus: Vocals
Tyler Harper: Guitar
Jeremy Randazzo: Drums
Trevor Alleman: Bass

Video by Jai Benoit and Jerik Thibodaux

Here we go again
It doesn’t work for me.. but it works for you
So what do I get out of this?...
Take your word for it and carry on
Do you a solid and suffer in silence
I need to feel something good
Need to feel something real
Anything other than what I’m supposed to feel
I would rather check out than go on doing the same thing we’ve done for so long
I’m over this, that, and the third
I have to destroy the cycle of accepting the worst
Stupid boy, shut the fuck up!
I’m done, I’m done! I’ve had enough!
I trust myself, it’s not a sin
We won't lie down, won’t let you win
Anything is toxic in large amounts
I’m armed with teeth where it counts
Will is just as deadly as brute force
And twice as meaningful, no remorse Required when you serve a purpose
That’s a long time coming

This one’s for us!
In the face of defeat
No choice but to press on or be crushed

Uplifting ourselves doesn’t come from a place of hate like you told yourself

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