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Lifesick - Reverse Birth (Feat. Todd Jones of Nails)

14 Views· 01/13/24
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I tried but I failed
Don’t ever say I didn’t push myself
Just because I carry it well
Doesn’t mean the weight of the world ain’t heavy as hell

Fall I may, but overcome I will

I can’t give up
There’s too much that I care for too much that I love
you value a diamond; you look for flaws
You keep pointing out mine but what about yours?

It’s like you’ve been touched by the hand of god, when everything I touch keeps falling apart

Show no mercy. Keep me on the ground
Spit in my wound, do as you please there’s no one else around
But if you hurt me. Make sure you snuff me out
Or you’ll be dumped in a ditch. Never again, you Son of a bitch

And I ain’t dead yet. I still breathe (Huh). Still got a bit of fight in me

Born from the gutter. Raised by the mud and the dirt
I bow to no man. I am the scum of the earth
No more kindness. Time to make ‘em hurt
The only redemption, reverse your fucking birth!

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