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Rotting Christ - Saoirse (Lyric Video)

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Watch the official lyric video for “Saoirse”, the second single off ROTTING CHRIST’s upcoming album ‘Pro Xristou’.
‘Pro Xristou’ is out May 24, 2024 on Season of Mist.
► Pre-order: https://redirect.season-of-mis....t.com/RottingChristP
► Pre-save: https://orcd.co/proxtristoupresave

Music & Lyrics by Sakis Tolis
Recorded in Deva Sounds Studios-Athens by Fotis Benardo & Aggelos Karatzas
Mixed in Fascination Street Studio-Orebro by Jens Borgen and Mastered by Tony Lindgren
Produced by Sakis Tolis

Video and illustrations by Costin Chioreanu

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Sakis Tolis - Vocals, Guitar
Kostas Foukarakis – Guitars
Kostas Cheliotis – Bass
Themis Tolis - Drums


I am the Wind that blows across the Sea
I am the Wave of the Ocean
I am a Ray of the Sun
I am the Spear-in the Battle
(The song of Amergin)

Hail Freedom/Hail Freedom/Our Freedom/Our wisdom

Die like a hero, live like a man
Fight for your freedomm fall,arise,rebirth
Ride like the wind,fight like a hero
From west to the east,from zero to a hero

Hail Freedom/Hail Freedom/Our Freedom/Our wisdom

Brave like a hero, humble like a dove
Live with your demon, with your own God
Hails to our ancient Kingdom
Die for your freedom

Hail Freedom/Hail Freedom/Our Freedom/Our wisdom

Hail/Hail/Hail/Freedom/Hail/Hail/Hail Wisdom
Hail/Hail/Hail/Freedom/Hail/Hail/Hail Wisdom

In 565 dies the last High King to follow the pagan rituals
The King of Tara the High King of Ireland
The last king to resist the expansion of christinism
Diamat Mac Cerbail-Ri na Tara-Ard-Ri Eireann

Hail Freedom/Hail Freedom/Our Freedom/Our wisdom

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