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Virgin Steele - Spiritual Warfare (Lyric Video)

58 Views· 07/14/23
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Taken from the upcoming studio album "The Passion Of Dionysus" - out June 30th, 2023
Order Link: https://VirginSteele.lnk.to/ThePassionOfDionysus

Video created by Ingo Spörl for https://www.hard-media.com/

More info at: https://www.virgin-steele.com/


You’ll drink the blood from my black blade
You are the product of my hate…
I am the One who lies in wait
I am the Lord of your Estate
I am the God you desecrate I am your King…

I ripped the pain from shattered lives
I drove the lightning through your eyes
I am the voice of living rage I am the lion on the stage
I am the one you’ll never cage
I am YOUR King!

Criminal procreation sharing the gift of fear
Chemical copulation Death is forever here


Holiness dies in the Soul Of the Sun
Holiness dies in your Eden
Hell is a House where the Mystery’s plain
Heaven requires a fee of pain…

Hold the tongue and still the heart
So no one fears “the grand upstart”

Death’s an Imperial Maiden no longer quite humane
Scorpion condemnation Death is Forever blame


Holiness dies in the Soul Of The Son
Everything dies in your Eden
But Fearless & Proud like the Eagle untamed
Who never looks back when he preys! I am….

Righteous falls, Hell and glory
Noble Meanings gone astray… HEY!!
Virgin brides, fatal sisters
There will be no long goodbyes…cries
Raped in rags your opinions sphere of influence declines
You’re a lost empty statement thrown away…

Pillaging congregation invading my domain
Infernal replication sampling every frame
Plagiarized…adulation hiding behind disdain
Evergreen protestation punishment’s all a fucking game
Soul burning inquisition wounds that will never heal
Death is an aspiration sharing a hoarder’s zeal
Venomous implications bearing disorder’s seal
Life is an accusation fighting for one last meal

The Emperor’s evicted the slaves will be crowned
The Artists afflicted and buried with their sound…
…with their sound…but remember…
Every moment that you cherish comes from my stolen sun…

A Devil on his Throne will not leave his God alone
Drunken Furies mindless seers


Holiness dies in the Soul Of The Son
Everything dies in your Eden
Primitive forces unleashed by the strain
Sad relics bearing your name

Righteous falls death and glory,
Noble Beings gone astray prey!
Virgin cries soulless whispers
There will be no more replies and that’s wise…
Murderous applications credit limit’s been declined
Fight ‘till death cruel enslavement Rage release!!!

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