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A Light Divided - Radio Silence

85 Views· 08/17/23
Metal Video
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The new single “RADIO SILENCE”

Available NOW on all streaming platforms!
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Directed by: Alex Heider

Another day another broken plan
feels like world is slipping through my hands
I think I’m losing control
can’t seem to find my way home
I sat and watched my only map
turn itself into stone

I’m hoping I can find the silver lining
transmission but you’re not replying
We’re losing signal over the horizon
Left screaming over radio silence
I think you’re breaking up...

I wonder if you’ll ever understand
I’ll sacrifice you to avoid the end
Don’t think that you’ll ever know
just how low I would go
to save myself from all the madness
in your undertones.

we’re in a different place
and nothing feels the same
I hate to break it to you baby but I’ll be okay
don’t try to call my name
won’t answer anyway
you’re breaking up
but I wish that you would just fade away...

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