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Embrace The Silence - Iris

80 Views· 08/19/23
Metal Video
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Directed by Andy Brings
Camera: Jean-Paul Philipp
Styling: Emoista Makeup
Edit + Post: Andy Brings

Produced by Twinflame Productions

ETS are:
Wagner: Lead Vocals + Guitars
Demuth: Bass + Vocals
Overmann: Drums

Contact: management@etsband.com

Music + Lyrics by Wagner
Produced by Andy Brings
Engineered by Corny Rambadt
Recorded and mixed at Rambado Recordings, Essen/ Germany
Copyright (C) 2023


Out there in the cold, in the snow
I see the footprints of a tortured soul
Is that to be my fate?
Will salvation come to late?
Is this a dark and lonely road
I have to walk alone
I have to walk alone
And decide who or what I wanna be
Focus on the path ahead

Can't run away no more
When I am breathless
Chasing my thoughts
I keep losing the focus
Won't run away no more
Until I'm breathless
Just need to focus
Look into my iris

Out there in the dark, there's a spark
That I can't find without a guiding hand
Is this to be the end?
Is that the sign you wanna send?
Through the clouded thoughts
I lost the focus on my path
I can not focus
On my path
Need to get rid of the thoughts I keep chasing

I lost myself alone in the dark
I lost myself out there in the cold

Label: Bloodblast/Believe

#metalcore #metal #thrashmetal

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