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Angel Rising - Reign of Torture (Lyric Video)

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Afterlife is Angel Rising’s third album out September 22nd 2023 at WormHoleDeath!

Line up
Angel Rising (guitars, bass, drums, vocals)
Guest singer: M.Fox (clean vocals on Worn Out Blood and Dominion)

Social media :
Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/SpotifyAngelRising

Album description
The concept album Afterlife depicts an interdimensional being that stalks life in our universe because it represents a threat to existence itself. And the human species, or at least what it has become after the events described in the previous creations of Angel Rising, is now its target. The cover shows the hero, Asai, struggling with a horde of undead, and unaware of the even greater danger that awaits him.


Hell Bent on Rampage
Reign of Torture
In Nomine Regis
Worn Out Blood
Endless Sorrow

Short Biography
Angel Rising is a one man Death Metal project started in Marseille 2020. Its main influences come from the old school thrash/death scene (Sepultura, Metallica, Death) but it also gives pride of place to modern and progressive elements combined with a very technical and virtuoso approach.

Album Credits
All songs written and produced by Angel Rising.
Audio recording, mixing and mastering by Angel Rising.
Label - WormHoleDeath
Artwork by Dechristianize Art
Logo by Doccygore

Wormholedeath : http://www.wormholedeath.com
Subscribe to #wormholedeath YouTube channel: https://radi.al/WormHoleDeath
©2023 Carlo Bellotti Publishing

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