Xenocracy - At the Gates

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This is the Official Music Video for the Single-release "At the Gates" from our upcoming Album.
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Song and Lyrics written by Xenocracy

MASTERING - Alex Zylla, Janini Pizzicato

Video Production: @jonahkochfilms

Video-Editing: @jonahkochfilms

Released with @kvltundkaosproductions



(Verse 1)
There are no heroes on the battlefield
Only scared men desperate to survive
Some hope that they will go back home victorious
But marching at the front, they've already died

Sand turns red, and skin turns blue
A war demands its souls, and now payment is due

(Verse 2)
A soldier's friend is dying in his arms
A cold stare on the face of a body still warm
No time to mourn, he's forced to to march on
Leading with footsteps in his brothers blood

(Prechorus 1)
No way for desertion
It's not their fight
Praying to fortuna
Looking certain death in the eyes

Sand turns red, and skin turns blue
A war demands its souls, and now payment is due

(Verse 3)
The soldier stumbles through the carnage
Countless bodies piling up all around him
The haze of blood, gunpowder and scorched flesh
Is the only thing he'll smell for the rest of his life

(Prechorus 2)
No way to turn back
He'll die tonight
He takes a deep breath
And marches right on

Now standing face to face
With one of them
Seeing no difference
No monster, it's clear

They both lift their guns,
one of them has to go
The trigger is pulled
And the world fades to smoke

He sees in his face, no hatred, no rage
only sadness and fear
Another soul paid
To the monster of war

The enemy, not the real enemy after all

The soldier kneels down to the body
And mourns the unknown man like a friend
He closes his eyes in acceptance
As a bullet pierces through his own head

As he rises up from the ground
There's no cries, no screams no sound
Right before him a light shines bright
As it guides him through the gate to the afterlife

And the man he calls his enemy no more now stands with him, side by side
Reaching out for his hand, smiling, at the gates to their afterlife


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